What Birth Control Pills Are Available in the Philippines

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Hi, I’m Mark, I’m planning to visit Philippines and enjoy bar hopping and mingle with Hot Filipina’s in there. I was thinking if it will be safe to get girls in there if they have protection. What I mean is, do Filipina girls take a pill to prevent them being pregnant. Are there available trusted brand of pills in there. Here’s what I’ve found out.

Brand of Pills Available in the Philippines:(price depends on brands and provider)

  • Yasmin-500php
  • Trust-40php
  • Mercilon-300php
  • Gracial-300php
  • Diane-400php

Are the pills effective in preventing pregnancy?

Birth Control Pills could be 99.9% effective if used correctly, taking the right dosage at the right time. There are some instances that if the girl forgot to take her dose for these day so when the time she remember that she should take her dose, she should take 2 of it instead of 1 tablet only. It varies on the types of pills, also on your Doctor’s prescription. You should follow it because the risk for being pregnant would be high if you would not follow it. About 8% of using it incorrectly gets pregnant

Are they safe?

If prescribe by your Doctor, surely it would be good for you as a Doctor it is their duty is to improve health and not to harm it. Though, medication or any drug that would be introduced to a human body has its own side effective. It varies from every individual.

There are some who might have an allergy on one of the content of the drug. Some may increase their blood pressure. It doesn’t mean that you should be too relaxed because it was been prescribe. We also have our different body, different reaction from every drug we take. It is always important when health is the talking better ask the experts or your trusted Doctors. They study for years to give you the help you need.

 Where can pills are purchased?

In the Philippines, some of the Doctors or OB-Gyne offers pills to their patient. There are also available in the drug store where they can purchase it. But remember it should be prescribe by your Physician. Unless it was your brand already. If its your second time to take it you can used it as long as it doesn’t harm you on its side effect.

Are the pills given to girls who work in bars?

Birth Control Pill for bar girls are important, it is their protection for them not to be pregnant. Though it was been personally bought by them, It’s up to them if they will be using it. Because some of them are already contented on the effectiveness of condom that’s why there are some who gets pregnant that they don’t intended to. Some child has grown without knowing who really their father is.

Does the government support using birth control pills?

Catholic Church is against the use of contraceptives, their mind was too narrow to understand that contraceptives are use to prevent pregnancy and not to abort a child. There’s a Law about the RH bill that was not yet approve due to a lot of discussions of two parties. There are who is a Pro RH Bill and there are also Anti RH Bill. They keep on defending their selves. Catholic Church in the Philippines keeps on participating on the politics in the Philippines. The Church should be focusing on the word of God and the law of the bible not to the law made by politicians.

Should the birth control pills be given to girls at college?

Due to the number of teenagers who got pregnant at an early age, I think these should be advice to give for their daughters. Specially if they start practicing PMS or Premarital Sex, it will be hard to tell them not to do so, Even us, as an adult sex is pleasurable and considered as a need for every individual. Though it’s too bad at their early age they get expose to it.

So better educate your child as early as possible to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Let them know about the effects if they will do such thing that they will not wanted. Guide them in every step they were doing, explaining every question they have in their mind. Let them open up, and give them chance to talk to you if they have problems.


 What are the pros and cons of using pills in Philippines?

Any drug that was introduced to our body has its own effect also it has a side effect that maybe bad for our body. So before taking any drug better consult your Doctor. Let them prescribe what could be best for you.

Pros of using Birth Control Pills:

  • You would have a regular and lighter periods or no periods at all(Depends on the Pill)
  • Less cramping unlike before(Depends on the Pill)
  • You will have clearer skin
  • Lower risk for Uterine and Ovarian Cancer(Base on some studies if taken for more than 5 years)

Cons of using Birth Control Pills:

  • Cost P400 and above per month(depending on the brand)
  • There are no STD protection
  • Has side effects(breast tenderness, spotting, serious blood clots)
  • Increase blood pressure


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