The Idiot's Guide When Traveling to Philippines

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The Pearl Of The Orient Seas

This was the name given by the Spaniards to the Philippines due to its rich, abundant natural resources. The Philippines was comprised of 7, 107 stunning islands making it unique compared to neighboring country. There are alot of tourist destination just perfect for a relaxing and peaceful vacation. Beaches are the sought after places to visit by the travelers, one of which is Boracay famous for its white sand shore and crystal clear water. Moreover, for adventurous travelers there are also perfect spots to suite them such as Siargao Island located in Surigao where it was considered to be the surfing capital of the country as it poses a marvelous, powerful gigantic waves that surfers love. Another place for adventurers was the Watersports Complex Located at Camarines Sur where it caters those who love water sports especially wakeboarding. These are some of the places that you must pay a visit once you travel to Philippines.

The Do’s And Don’ts

In every visit to a foreign land it is important to have a hint on how life goes on that place. Same is true when you visit a place as Philippines. Philippines has a unique culture and tradition that corresponds to set of rules, norm, superstition that they follow. As a foreigner in their land you must also consider obeying this to avoid felling of disrespect on their part. There are some do’s and don’ts upon travelling to this country such as:


  • Do learn and respect the culture – Native elders are tight in terms of their norms and tradition.
  • Do wear light clothes – It is a tropical place so expect a hot humid temperature.
  • Do make sure that you exchange your currency with that of the Philippines (Peso) – as there are only a few shops and establishments who accept foreign currency as payment.
  • Do show respect to elderly – Filipinos are so respectful to their elders. They usually kiss the hand or sometimes ask for the hand of the elder and touched the back of the hand to their forehead. It show respect at the same time asking for their blessing.
  • Do bring or hire an interpreter if you can’t talk English – Even though you can’t speak the native language you can talk to the natives in English.
  • Do have a presence of mind – To avoid getting robbed.
  • Do wear decent clothing – Elderly Filipino’s are conservative.
  • Do bring insect repellent – To avoid unwanted bite marks from insects.
  • Do enjoy island hoping – There are bunch of places to visit with.
  • Do obey the country’s law – Obey their rules and law to avoid ending up in jail.
  • Do stay in a secure area – Any tourist attraction has always the risk of terrorist attacks.
  • Do avoid getting into trouble – It’s not your hometown so avoid unnecessary conflicts.
  • Do keep an eye of all your valuables – Travelers are always the apple of the eye of thieves and pick pocketers.
  • Do as Filipino’s do – When in Philippines do things as they do. For them doing things their way is a showing gratitude and appreciation.


  • Don’t travel alone – For your own safety and enjoyment.
  • Don’t refuse an invitation – They might take it in a negative way.
  • Don’t be too flashy – Just be simple and don’t flash your money and other valuable things to avoid temptation on the natives and for security reasons.
  • Don’t open your car window to help beggars on the street – For safety purposes, if you want to help them just donate at a church.
  • Don’t disrespect an elderly – This is a major no, no in their place.
  • Don’t initiate an eye contact to natives – For them eye contact is disrespectful and offensive.
  • Don’t eat street foods – Some of the native foods are not suitable for foreigners.
  • Don’t do any terrorist act and vandalism – To avoid ending up in jail.
  • Don’t drink to the foolest – To avoid getting into trouble.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask native about direction – Filipinos are warm and hospitable enough to help you.

These are the simple things that we tend to forget when we travel. Just be considerate in terms of their customs, beliefs and practices. There are a lot of instances that foreigners are into trouble due to their knowledge deficit regarding the culture of the Filipino people. Perfect examples of this was when a foreigner hugs and kiss a girl in a bar , in other countries it is part of having fun but in Philippines it’s different. The foreigner was charged with sexual harassment at a nearby police station. Just simple things that can be avoided if know how a thing goes on in their country.

They Do Believed In Superstitions!

This beliefs and superstition were passed from the ancient ancestors who used these to prevent themselves from getting hurt. It was formed due to variety of cultures in different regions around the country. Some of them are amusing enough that even the young generations of Filipinos at times laughs at it. But as to the elderly there is nothing to lose if they comply with the beliefs. The famous once are the superstitions regarding wedding and death. If you’re going to hear them for the first time it might sound a little bit strange but they actually do it. For a traveling man here are some of the famous superstitions that you might consider upon visiting Philippines:

Wedding Superstitions

1. The bride must not fit her wedding dress before the wedding – the wedding will not push through.

2. Don’t give sharp and pointed object as a wedding gift – might lead to broken marriage.

3. Avoid long drives – Couples that are getting married are prone to accidents.

4. The groom must arrive before the bride at the church – To avoid bad luck.

5. Must throw a rice confetti at the newlyweds – will bring prosperity all their life.

6. Bride should not cry during the wedding ceremony – It will bring misfortune to them.

7. Don’t sit at the head of the table – you’re never getting married.

Death Superstitions

1. When a black butterfly is flying around – A relative just died.

2. Do not form groups of three of thirteen – One of you will die.

3. The coffin must exactly fit the corpse – Otherwise a family member will die soon.

4. Always carry the coffin head first – Prevents the soul of the dead from coming back.

5. Do not sweep the house until after the burial – Prevent bad luck.

6. Do not go home directly after the funeral service – Spirit of the dead will not follow to your house.

7. After 1 year of mourning give away your black dress – Prevent another death in the family.

Following these tradition and beliefs will lead you out of trouble during your visit in Philippines. It a wonderful place to be with total fun and adult entertainment at its finest. So Buckle it up and get ready to invade Philippines. If you have comment or suggestion regarding do’s and don’ts upon Traveling to Philippines just hit the comment box bellow.

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