Terrorist Groups in Philippines

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Rebels From The Philippines

Philippines is a peaceful country not until rebels starts to create some tension between them and the government of the Philippines.  The rebel groups from this country were divided into two. Those groups that want to change the government from democratic to communist and the other groups where those individuals that want to have a complete freedom by means of governing their own land such as those groups from Bangsamoro area. Although Philippines is mostly comprised of Catholics, the southern part of the country was composed of Muslims a complete national dominance may be a factor for their revolt. Here are six groups of terrorists that brings complete eerie to the locals as well as the tourist.

Moro National Liberation Front-logo

1. Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) – An Islamic group from the southern part of the Philippines, they often called it Bangsamoro land that composed of Mindano, Sulu, and Palawan. This group was founded and led by Dr. Nur Misuari. The group was formed after an incident that happened late 60’s in Corregidor where 14 to 68 Muslim military recruits are slathered by members of the Arm Forces of the Philippines (AFP) under its Commander in Chief former President Ferdinand Marcos as they try to escape from the training to reclaim Sabah now a part of Malaysia. This event brought a huge impact to fellow Muslims; their outrage emotions brought the formation of this group. Under the leadership of Dr. Misuari a former professor from the University of the Philippines the group was brought up by the ideology of egalitarianism where its principle is based on equality of all people in all aspects of life. Moreover, this group was all united with the same doctrine which was “ONE MNLF”, “ONE LEADERSHIP BY NUR MISUARI”, and “ONE IDEOLOGY OF EGALITARIANSM”, members of MNLF are loyal to this doctrine which helps them unite as one. However, within the present this group is at peace with the government as they sign a Final Peace Agreement in 1996 under the leadership of former President Fidel Ramos, the agreement was called MNLF- GRPH Joint Cease Fire Agreement. The peace negotiation started back in the reign of President Marcos which was named Tripoli Agreement. They are in good terms with the government so far, the only thing that we don’t know was their plan or action after the signed agreement expires.

Moro Islamic Liberation Front-logo

2. Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) – This group was not the MILF that sex enthusiast are longing for. This cluster of rebels can cause serious threat and damage to everyone. This group was a faction of a previously form Islamic array known as MNLF which was found on the southern part of the archipelago. However, some of their members do not agree with the peace agreement that was signed by their leader Nur Misuari and that they separate themselves to the group and form their new alliance in 1978 which they called MILF. This new faction of Muslim revolts led by Hashim Salamat believed that:

  • Bangsamoro Land should be an Independent Islamic State.
  • Bangsamoro Freedom Fighter which they call themselves should not negotiate at any means with the Philippine Government.

Hashim Salamat died on 2003 and was replaced by Murad Imbrahim as the one who make calls. These bunches of guerillas are fearless which was reported to kill civilians, policemen, and even military men. Some incidents of kidnapping were also done by them including the kidnapping of Italian priest Giancarlo Bossi which was later on released. Furthermore the recent violent attack that they did was done in 2007 when they killed 14 marine soldiers in a Basilan and not yet satisfied by their animal rage ending up beheading 11 of them. The terror group claimed the beheading incident and said that they did this to warn AFP from tress passing their territory. The incidence lead to an all out battle against the militants, unfortunately the dispute is not set up to this moment and a continuous negotiation of peace talks was done by the GRPH.

Father of Sword-smith-logo

3. Abu Sayyaf a.k.a al Harakat al Islamiyya – This assemblage of Islamic separatist was also based on the Bangsamoro Land mainly in Jolo and Basilan. A well known terrorist group from here and abroad was founded by Abdurajik Abubakar Janjalani in 90’s with the ideology of Iranian Islamic fundamentalism which may also include Terrorism. Abdurajik was a knowledgeable chieftain of the Abu Sayyaf which in fact  a former teacher and thus studied theology and Arabic in Libya, Syria and Saudi Arabia where it was also said that he was receiving a training from well known terrorist group. According to some info Abdurajik was given six million dollars by the most notorious terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden to establish an Islamic rebel group in the Philippines that will annex their territory and power, but this thing are denied by him. He also denies any connection with any foreign terrorist group such as Al Qaeda. However, the Philippine government said that these clusters of rebels are considered to be a part of the Indonesian terrorist group Jemaah Islamiah. These groups are well armed with high powered guns and modified Improvise Explosive Device (IED) which brings a great threat to everyone that sees them. They are responsible for bunch of bombing incidents around late 90’ to 00’s and was the main culprit behind the series of kidnapping here and to the nearby countries. This series of kidnapping and scare includes:

  • 2000 Sipadan kidnapping
  • Kidnapping of Jeffrey Schilling
  • Martin and Gracia Burnham’s kidnapping
  • Superferry 14 Bombing
  • Journalists abducted since 2000

The hostages are seldom release and demand a ransom for their hostages. Their founder Abdurajik Abubakar Janjalani died in a battle against policemen in 1998 while his successor his younger brother Abubakar Janjalani was killed in a gun battle that happened in Basilan. Up to this point these bandits are still on a leash under new leadership. It is hard to terminate this group without terminating their foreign terrorist alliance.

4. Rajah Sulaiman movement – Another terrorist organization was founded by Ahmed Santos, under the governance and financial support of Abu Sayyaf and Jemaah Islamiah. These rebels are former Christians that were converted to Muslim. This organization has the same goal with Abu Sayyaf.

Rebel- Jemaah Islamiah

5. Jemaah Islamiah – A terrorist organization that was based on Southeast Asia mainly Indonesia, Southern Philippines, and Brunei. This is much notorious compare to the first 3 because this group was believed to be the financer of the other terrorist groups in Philippines. This group was linked to the Al Qaeda a Binladen’s cluster of terrorist through Osama’s brother in law Mohammad Jamal Khalifa. A series of suicide bombing was done by this group here and to the neighboring countries marking them as a part of United States list of foreign terrorist.

New Peoples Army6. New People’s Army (NPA) – A vintage armed group that cause some destabilization of the government since the late 60’s. This group was founded by Jose Maria Sison in the ideology of Maoism with motives of Proletarian revolution. They want a reform and they want it to be in a form of Communism. They get taxes from business man and tend to harass those that don’t cooperate with them.  The collected taxes were then used for economic social programs and revolutionary movement. They are also included in the Foreign Terrorist Organization of the U.S. State Department. The recent terrorist act that they made was last October of last year when they blew 3 mining sites in Surigao that left a devastating effect on the victims and millions worth of property that was lost. This group of rebels are scattered to the far flung forest around the country.

I have nothing against our Muslim brothers but most of this terrorist are composed of individuals that believed in Islamic teachings. Do you think these rebels are doing this for their own good and not for their faith? Share us your thoughts by hitting the box below.

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