Sensual Pinay Centerfolds of Playboy Philippines

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The Philippine Playboy Magazine is the top men magazine that featured popular, beautiful and elegant actresses and female models in their naughtiness photoshoots. A lifestyle magazine combined by the local edition of playboy. If you like seeing gorgeous and hot Filipina ladies in their bikinis and in topless outfit, the Philippine Playboy Magazine is the hottest magazine that you must have.

The magazine was initiated in the country on March 15, 2008 and was launched at an event in Sofitel last April 2, 2008. It was brought to the Philippines by Adamos Media Publishing and made success on distributing of cultural, political and social awareness in the Philippines. Beting Laygo Dolor is the editor-in-chief and they have five great writers with Palanca awards that will surely provide quality content. It targets males at the age of 25 years old and above and strictly for adults only.

The content of the magazine has a little difference from the traditional Western playboy magazine because most of the images will not show total frontal nudity or genitalia. The Filipino women are featured as what they called “playmates”. It writes about celebrity profile, pictorials, personality profiles, humors, editorials, lifestyles, trends, glive interview sections, sexual experiences and written articles of investigative journalist. Due to this changes, no nudity, it received a lot of criticism and negative feedback. Now the Philippine Playboy Magazine keeps on moving forward and filling up the content with more delightful models by featuring more sensual Pinay centerfolds and pleasurable content materials. Though no total nudity, it still one of the top men’s magazine in the country.

List of Best Pinay Centerfolds of Playboy Philippines


1. Valerie Concepcion


The beautiful host-actress Valerie Concepcion Shows her hot and magnificent body on her cover page in the popular men’s magazine Playboy Philippines on the January and February 2012 issue. This is not the first time tht she do a sexy pictorial for a magazine, she appeared even on the cover photo of FHM and MAXIM. Last 2011, Valerie was also ranked as the #14 in the 100 Sexiest Women of the World poll in FHM magazine.

2. LJ Reyes (Lourna Jane Reyes)


After Valerie’s hot posed for Philippine playboy, another hot and sexy mom graced the famous men magazine. LJ Reyes posed for March 2012 Edition in Playboy Philippines. She said she can go on for more sensual pose than her poses on the cover photos and ceneterfolds, because she has showed more skin and much daring posed before. Lj Reyes is really beautiful and sexy, she deserves to be in the cover photo.

3. Wilma Doesnt


“Black is Beauty”. Model-host Wilma Doesnt posed topless on the cover of the men magazine Playboy Philippines on their March 2012 issue. This is also the magazine’s 4th anniversary issue with an overall theme “Embracing All Colors.” Another one hot mama with a magnificent beauty and body.


1. Naomi Estefan


Naomi Estefan is the playmate and centerfold for January 2011 issue of the Playboy Philippines. This lovely angel captivated all the minds of men with her sexy posed on the said men magazine. With her angelic face and gorgeous curve, Naomi deserves to be the ploaymate of the month for Playboy.

2. Princesz Roux


You can call her Cesz. This 19 year old hot lady poses very sensual on the 2011 March Edition and the playmate of the month. Her height is 5’3″ with the weight of 105 lbs. Princesz is really a beautiful and sexy women and hot “playmate” in the Philippine Playboy magazine.

3. Jobie Quinn

Philippines Playboy Cover 2011-04

Jobie Quinn posed as the cover photo and playmate for the April 2011 issue for Playboy Philippines. This is also the 3rd anniversary of the men magazine. A 24 year old hot woman that deserves to be the playmate of the month. She is extremely beautiful and hot!

4. Aubrey Miles


The Philippine sexy actree Aubrey Miles poses on the cover photos for June 2011 issue. With her hot and sexy posed on the centerfolds on the magazine, ity was one of the most sold issue of 2011. Even though she is a mother, she make sure that she maintain her wonderful figure. Aubrey is a gorgeous hot mama.

5. Ma`Riya Argel


Ma`Riya Argel is the newest playmate for Playboy Philippines and she was on July and August 2011 issue. She is a fire dancer in Boracay with great hot curves and beautiful face. She posed very dairing on her centerfolds and has shown a lot of skin.

6. Ava Guiao


Ava shows topless on her photo in Playboy Philippines on the September issue. Showing a lot of skin on the bath tub was one of the best daring photos that she have on the men magazine. You’ll find more of Ava Guiao naked while bathing on on Sep 2011′s publication!

7. Khaycee Klerr


Khaycee was born on November 15, 1990 on Hagonoy, Bulacan. She has a beautiful hot body and a gorgeous beauty. She posed very sensual and attractive as a playmate on the Playboy Philippines October 2011 issue.

8. Suyen Li


This young entrepreneur has a business in selling sex toys online and has an angelic beauty that captivated a lot of men on her daring posed on the November 2011 issue on Playboy Philippines. She ha a tough attitude that make up for her being petite and sexy. Suyen fantesized having sex in the forest and then Playboy give this opportumity by allowing her to posed naked on her photos on the said men magazine. Truely, Suyen is a woman with great body and great mind.

9. Esjhae Red


Esjhae Red poses very sexy and sensual on her photos on the December 2011 issue in the popular men magazine Playboy Philippines. See her photos as she plays spankable college girl.

 Here are more on 2010, 2009 and 2008


1. Amber Dy
2. Tanja Winheim
3. Sky Aisuru
4. Jewelle de Vera
5. Francia Caceres (Echo Caceres)
6. Naj Cruz
7. Ariane Esperas
8. Rhea Laroza
9. Angelae Sevilla
10. Joyce Burgos


1. Michaela Grauke (Mia Gray)
2. Abby Poblador
3. Jessie Medina
4. Andrea Shin
5. Suan Javinez
6. Aya Montez
7. Jem Milton
8. Barbie San Miguel
9. Nicole B*lke
10. Betina Acosta
11. Jacqueline Yu


1. Joy Pagurayan
2. Billy Abeleda
3. Sachie Sanders
4. Lorraine Santos
5. Geri Garcia
6. Victoria Roc
7. Danica Hann
8. Joyce Castro
9. Bridgit Suarez

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