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Live Sex Chat Philippines WebcamsWelcome to the #1 Philippines Sex Chat site online!  My name is Angela.  A group of us girls got together and just opened our very own Cybersex, live sex chat adult site in the Philippines!  Here you can choose from our small but growing staff of amazing Fllipina beauties.  Please browse below to see who is available now, the girls range from 18 to 26 and we even have two real virgins on staff , you can see their hymen yourself if you don’t believe us!

These are really exciting girls and you’ll see that besides the whole cyber sex treat that you’re in for, they can really hold together a complicated conversation on many different topics, from politics to global warming. Don’t be fooled by their pretty looks, these girls are really smart !

We used to work for another live chat company based out of the US but then we all got together and opened a much better version of what they were doing, Philippines Sex chat that is own and operated by us girls. We really wanted to be our own bosses because we were tired to respond to other men like they were pimps, and that was just not in our nature. Now we’re much more relaxed and offer even more pleasure to our viewers.

We hope you stick around and get to know some of the ladies and make sure to check with us regularly because we always have gorgeous girls that start working with us almost everyday!

Live Philippines Sex Chat

All of our cam girls are live and in some cases you can even chat with them free before deciding to go into a private chat room. Our company is still new but maybe that’s what makes us great already because we want to give you that welcoming feeling and make sure you have a wonderful time at  Please feel free to give us feedback on your experience or even feedback on our site.

We really want to hear our customers’ opinion so we’d know EXACTLY what to offer you. We’re open to all sort of suggestions, from chat topics you would enjoy to what sex toys you would like to see. Of course, the best way is to tell our models directly what you would like and I’m 99% positive they’ll accept as they really enjoy what they’re doing. You don’t see this in a lot of models…

New Philippines Sex Chat Models

Live Philippines Sex ChatWant to become a webcam model? We are always hiring new models and even offer a referral plan to make sure that we have a steady flow of new models coming in.  Explore, have fun and get as kinky as you want because this is a no judgment zone. You can free your mind as we’re really good listeners and we won’t judge you… we do realize that people are who they are because of what they’ve been through. And if we can’t give you some good advice, we’ll try to relax your soul in our own ways…

Some of our girls are new and even though they are over 18 some of them are still virgins or have had very little sexual experience.  We actually think its a good way for us to learn more about becoming a good lover via live sex chat first before we take it into the bedroom.

There’s such a wonderful thing with the internet nowadays… with Philippines live sex chat you can bond with us and not have to be afraid that we won’t like something that turns you on… we’re really open to new things, and that if it’s new to us as we’ve seen and done a lot of things :) who knows we might be the ones that have freakier fetishes than you! So just speak your mind and we’ll see what we can do…

By the way if you are wondering who I am?  I’m a co-founder of this site and I’m the chick in the picture to the right here.  I can also be found online here on the live sex chat so please keep a look out for me I’m a feisty one but I know how to have fun :-)

So just jump onto the chat whenever you feel like and I promise we’ll make sure that you’ll have a great time. It’s that type of pleasure that will make you come back again and again…

Feel free to contact us if you require more details on Philippines sex chat live.

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