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Hunt For Free Lance Girls

Philippines is a part of the Sex Tourism ring on the planet. It is the home the hottest free lance girls that anyone could offer. This country is pertained to be religious and conservative. However, it is totally different as soon as the sunset and the night life begin. Being influence by the western cultures the countries native are starting to express more of themselves and willing to get wild and dirty. There’s a lot of free lance girls scattered all over the country some are hidden in dark places at night and some are located at a place that most of the people to hang out and enjoy the night. Ladies that offers sexual pleasure ages from 14 to 40 years old depending on what the client wants. I break down some of the popular place to get the hottest escorts in town.

  • Fields Avenue, Angeles City                                      picture fields
  • Mabini Street , Malate, Manila
  • P. Burgos Street, Makati City
  • Quezon Avenue, Quezon City
  • Edsa International Complex, Pasay City
  • National Highway Barretto, Olongapo City, Subic
  • Mango Avenue, Cebu City

These locations are the sought after place to find a nice sexy girl to make love. These place are packed with different types of clubs occupying the whole street. The most visited place must be Fields Avenue, because as you go along this place it is noticeable that most of the customers are whites and couple of blacks making this place popular not only natives but with foreign natives too.

 Why Work As  Free Lance?

pictureEverything nowadays is evolving as a part of modernization. There are now agencies for escorts to help them find more clients and give them a somewhat classy impression. Although this things happen still some of the traditional madam or called “bugaw” in tagalog are much active in the Philippines. As we all know both the agencies and the madam’s cut the earnings of the escorts as to how they want it, some has flat rate and some takes half more of the girls money. This is definitely the reason why girls chose to work as a free lance instead of having a commitment to a certain agency or a madam. Where in fact they can work and take the home their money without nothing to worry about commitments and cuts.Free lance is what they prefer due to the fact that many of these girls enter this type of work due to financial difficulties either to help their family or to finance themselves and that is why every centavo counts for them and cutting it off is not option at all.

Girls Being Hunted


 Believe it or not escorts are hunted by men of all ages from 12 to 60 years old. Older clients prefer escorts from escort agencies since they have this disposable money to waste.  Although for the girls that are working as a free lance most of their customers are the young adults  since their rate is much feasible compare to the rate of the agency. Furthermore, they are also being hunt by those men in their 30′s to 40′s that are not satisfied with their sexual life at home and for some others that are sick and of same old shit and want’s it to be different. Boys celebration after the prom often leads to hiring a free lance lady to celebrate with them sexually. I addition most of those who picks independent escorts are usually having a good time probably after a bot hangout where most of the time drunk and what to satisfy their lust.

It Is Safe To do It With A Free Lance Girl?

As a sex worker, escort ladies are obviously committing a polygamous relationship with different types of men making them prone to different kinds of disease often term as Sexually Transmitted Diseases. These diseases are transmitted from a infected person to the other through skin to skin contact, and contact with body fluids such as semen. This puts the health of the escorts at risk of acquiring and transmitting the disease. The only way to prevent it is to stop sexual activity or to stick with a monogamous relationship which is impossible in their field of work. More often this are the things that caught the attention of many who wants to transact or hire an escort. So as client what are the things that we need to do in order prevent this from happening?

picture of condoms

  1. Ask for their ID – most of the legit escorts have their ID and medical certificate.
  2. Don’t just grab and go- don’t rush, take your time although they are independent there are also legit.
  3. Must have intact skin- most of those that have STD’s have lesions or crack on lips face or genitals.
  4. Don’t insert it to early- inspect the girls genitals first for any lesion or foul discharges which are signs of STD.
  5. Use condom- this is the best thing to imply to prevent you from acquiring it.

If you ask me if it is safe to hire an escort? Then the answer will be yes. The truth is some of them have STD’s but not all of them that is why it is so important to not rush into things and dig a little bit to as to their status. Those escorts that posses pretty hot body does not always conclude that they are pretty inside just be responsible enough yourself.  If you are so much in heat then just use barriers such as condom to prevent the transmission.

Benefits Of Hiring A Free Lance Girl

The only benefit that I see so far was the type of satisfaction that as customers gets either with or without sexual contact. It benefits the  men in terms of boosting their manhood. On the other side it benefits the escort lady to earn and fiance the things that she needs.

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