Philippines Cyber Sex Girls Exploitation

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Exploited Cyber Sex PhilippinesPhilippines cybersex, is it exploitation or liberation of Filipina women? Cyber sex in the Philippines is a booming industry! AdultFriendFinder just reported that they now have over 450,00 Filipina girls signed up in their cyber sex network which is almost a 100% increase since their 2005 report in which they had 212,257 Filipina cybersex girls. But wait, that’s not including LiveJasmine, and about 1000 other mom and pop sites. This being said, its not hard to conceive that there must be at least 1.5 to 2 million cyber sex workers in the Philippines but just how many of them are working against their will?

2011 Cyber Sex Philippines Growth

Browse around any cyber sex or live chat site on the internet these days and its hard not to encounter Filipina chicks. Even most sites that advertize their models as Chinese, Japanese, Thai or Korean are doing the ole’ bait and switch because over 80% of all Asian cyber sex models are Filipina and most foreigners never know the difference because most foreigners cannot distinguish between the looks of Asians from different countries. Despite increasing pressures from the Philippine government to crack down on cyber sex operations in the Philippines, the numbers are still increasing year after year!

Why Cyber Sex Growth in the Philippines is Totally Awesome?

The reason I am happy about this isn’t because I’m a scumbag but because I truly believe the cyber sex industry here in the Philippines should be treated as a valued national asset. Cyber sex can be a liberating experience for a woman because it allows her to be in complete control while exploring her sexual side and making money at the same time. Next, the Philippines is one of the poorest places on earth and this is a great source of income that feeds millions of people. See prostitution in the Philippines is open and all around you, I’m not against the oldest profession in the world but if I was a chick I think I would much rather perform cyber sex over the real thing. There’s all this hype about exploitation, human trafficking and minors working in the adult industries in the Philippines and this is all the more reason it needs to become a legal practice so it can be properly regulated as it is in America and other Western Countries. Since it is illegal it has to be kept underground where there are no rules or regulations. Here’s my message to the police and government offices that are trying to punish cyber sex… Being able to get naked and get freaky online from the comfort of your own home should be a basic freedom so leave these girls alone and quit hating on them just because they make more money than you. Plus just imagine the more cyber sex girls we have in the Philippines, the less street girls we will have so which one would you rather?

Video Of Cyber Sex Recruiting Grounds in the Philippines

Philippines Live Chat Demonstration by costinnt20

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