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Run For The Gold

Olympics in Paris

Filipino people are born to be athletic and competitive in nature.  Height issues are not even a hindrance for them to participate in any sport that they are knowledgeable at. As a matter of fact Philippines entered the Olympic scene as early as 1924 which was held at Pierre de Coubertin, Paris, France. This debut led the Philippine team to strive more, and finally in 1928 Amsterdam Olympics they won their first Olympic medal as Teofilo Yldefonso grab the bronze medal in Men’s 400 meter breaststroke. Furthermore, this accomplishment makes them the first country in Southeast Asia to compete in an Olympic event and continuous to bag some bronze and silver medals throughout the year. However, in spite of the aspiration to finally claim the Olympic gold medal was still elusive as to this point. Nevertheless Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) still believes that their chance and hope to take home a gold medal was still there with some consideration to consider.

  1. The Budget – Financing the aids of all the athletes require more funds from the government. The government only allotted 30 million pesos for the Philippine Sport Commission the agency that handles the Olympic preparations. I think this budget is way too low for all the expenses needed to produce a first class type of athlete.
  2. Outdated Facilities – As we all know sport amenities plays a vital role in molding and preparing future athletes to be on the highest level as possible. Although Philippine team does have facilities most of them are outdated and need to be upgraded to meet the modern international competitive demands.
  3. Naturalization – If the Olympic Commission will allow naturalization process for players to compete in the Olympics then the Philippines need to hire some international players to play for the country to fill in the height problems which brings huge disadvantage on their part.
  4. Acquire International player that has Filipino blood – Although this is quite hard, but I bet every one of us wants to play in an Olympic tournament, that’s why they surely grab the opportunity.

London Olympics logoThe 2012 London Olympics is fast approaching will this be the time for the Philippines to finally snatch an Olympic gold medal? If they are serious to go for it maybe there’s no reason for them to relax and have a good time, instead a harder training is a must. However, for me honestly there’s always been a change but for the coming 2012 Olympics I think the chances are slim since the PSC announce that they will just send five to ten delegates for the upcoming event. However, for all Filipinos just wish the 2012 Philippine Olympic team to take home a precious gold medal.

Which Event To Participate?

From participating in just one event during the 1924 Paris Olympics, Team Philippines now compete in 8 events aside from demonstration sports. The types of sports that are joined by the team are limited due to financial constraints and lack of facilities available for their training. Here are the lists of games that Team Philippines usually compete at:

  • Archery                  Image of Philippine Olympic Team
  • Athletics
  • Boxing
  • Diving
  • Shooting
  • Swimming
  • Taekwondo
  • Weightlifting

Demonstration Sports

  • Wushu
  • Bowling

Pervious Performances

Unfortunately for the Philippines they only had 8 medals so far without the gold one. Thanks to heroic acts of Filipino athletes that brings glory to their country. Most of them are still recognized up to this moment but most of them are already forgotten. These top Filipino athletes include:

  1. Teofilo Yldefonso – Bronze medalist in Men’s 200 meter breast stroke which was held at 1928 Amsterdam Olympic Games.
  2. Simeon Toribio – Bronze medalist in Men’s high jump which was held at 1932 Los Angeles Olympics.
  3. Jose Villanueva – Bronze medalist in Men’s boxing which was held at 1932 Los Angeles Olympics.
  4. Teofilo Yldefonso – Bronze medalist in Men’s breast stroke which was held at 1932 Los Angeles Olympics.
  5. Miguel White – Bronze medalist in Men’s Athletics which was held at 1936 Olympics at Berlin Germany.
  6. Anthony Villanueva – Silver medalist in boxing which was held at 1964 Tokyo Olympics.
  7.  Leopoldo Serantes – Bronze medalist in boxing which was held at 1988 Seoul Olympics.
  8. Roel Velasco – Bronze medalist in boxing which was held at 1992 Barcelona Olympics.
  9. Mansueto Velasco – Silver medalist in boxing which was held at 1996 Atlanta Olympics. This was the last medal that the Philippine had it’s been a decade now.

These are the list of Olympic achievements that the Filipinos are proud for. As shown in the list it is clear that Filipinos has the potential to be the number one team in terms of boxing event, where most of their medals came from. If there will be a chance for them to bag a gold medal I bet that event was boxing. However, after the silver medal that they got from 1996 Atlanta Olympics it was sad for them that they never achieved anything for almost 16 years. A decline in their performance and an increasing competitiveness of rival countries makes it a lot harder for them to make it on the top of every sport. As we see the chart below the past performance of Filipino Athletes was so low that they did not able to won a single medal.

Olympic medal tally

medal tally

Do you think Philippines has a chance for winning a Olympic medal? What sport should it be? Is budget the real issue for low performance at Olympic Games? Share us your thoughts by hitting the box below.

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