New Website to Meet Ladyboys In Cebu, Philipines

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Cebu Ladyboy RazIf you’re a tourist walking around the streets of Cebu City, it would be hard for you to enjoy your trip if you don’t know where you’re going, what you can do while you’re there and who you can ask for help. It’s a good thing a new website popped out of the online community that offers different services, ranging from entertainment – bar-hopping, karaoke, etc. – to tour guides to help you know about the city and its remarkable tourist spots. not only aims to satisfy your needs but exceed your expectations as well. Their complete list of services includes:

#1 Dating Services – for a minimum of P800, you can take a ladyboy out on a date without the hassle of asking one on the streets. Plus, as mentioned in the website, anything you do after the date is “your private concern”.

#2 Guide and Package Activities – the site owner is putting up packages for different activities tourists can do in Cebu. They are planning to have day trips to local beaches in Cebu and Bohol. As of now, they are open to any kind of suggestion as far as the activities are concerned. You can simply send an inquiry to their email address so you can go with a mutually beneficial deal with the Cebu ladyboys.

Cebu Ladyboy Jane#3 Occasions – being such good hosts of the city, they also provide services for entertainment on occasions. Their initial charge is a package of P1000 for the host plus three girls for three hours. An additional fee of P150 is required if you ever want to hire another girl to join the party. Although according to their website, the client can request the ladyboys of their choice but it is not an assurance that they will be available at the time of appointment. As much as they want to please their clients, they are also in demand which is why in times like this; the only way the host and the girls can please you is by bringing alternative girls who can be leveled with the client’s first choice.

#4 Recommended Activities – here are some of the most famous activities you and your ladyboy can spend time with:

  • Karaoke Private A/C Room. – P100 per hour
  • Table inside or outside bar or nightclub venue – May incur entrance charges at some nightclubs.
  • Restaurant or Similar Quiet Venue – cost of meal etc.
  • Trips to Tourist Locations – Taxi or Ferry costs. (If a longer duration is required, such as for a trip to Bohol or Boracay, then negotiate a price with the host) On such trips, it isn’t required for the host to attend, but she may provide assistance from the organization.
  • Attend one of the famous ‘Transpinay Beauty Pageants’ and meet the contestants
  • Attend a comedy / entertainment club with ladyboy performers – entry costs about 80 peso per head
  • Play billiards – cost of table use, approx. 100-200 peso per hour depending on venue.


Cebu Ladyboy JehnnyThe cebuladyboys, in as much as they like to please their clients, must let their clients know of their boundaries and limitations, if any. Here are a few of their house rules that clients should be made aware of:

  • “It is expected that the client pays taxi, drink, snack or dinner costs where required. For example, in a standard venue, buying the girls 1 drink each per hour and a few plates of snacks for the 4 hour duration will set you back about 1,000 peso. The host can advise you on value drinks and snacks that are appropriate. Part of keeping a client happy is not making him feel like he’s being taken advantage of”.
  • “At any time you may decide to continue the evening alone or with just one or the two of the girls and go your way, so long as the bill has been paid. It is up to the girls invited if they want to continue on with you”.
  • “Requesting longer times incurs a fee of 50 peso per hour per girl. Hence, requesting the host and 3 girls for 8 hours would cost 1,000 peso plus 800 peso”.


Cebu Ladyboy TrixxyIf you’re the type of guy who wants to mingle with ladyboys from Cebu, it would be hard for you to be absolute the first time that you’ll be able to meet one in some random bar. The hassle of taking contacts will be time-consuming and you may end up with a much demanding ladyboy who doesn’t give much of an entertaining and fun experience.

The good thing about Cebu Ladyboys is the fact that they see to it that all the girls follow their ethical guidelines when it comes to meeting with foreigners. You can only be assured of a friendly, undemanding and organized experience. As compared to meeting someone at the bar, this service is far more complete and satisfying.

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