Michael Wiener Philippine Escorts Tell All

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Commissioner’s Hookers

In the Philippines, there are four Filipina escorts that posed for a photo flash with Bernalillo County, New Mexico Commissioner Michael C. Wiener,  these Asian hookers in the online video tell more happened than photography. Wiener stated nothing improper happened and both him and his girlfriend were just walking around the red-light districte and waiting to for a plane out of the said city. Commissioner Wiener repeatedly and defensively saying that he was only ‘sightseeing’ with his fiancée in Angeles City, where you can find the second largest red-light districts in the world, the shown picture was taken during delays between flights in the Philippines.

In January 2012, Michael C. Wiener was elected commission vice chair and is currently serving his fourth year of his first term. He is the commissioner for District 4, which includes:

  1. North Albuquerque Acres
  2. Sandia Heights
  3. Far NE Heights
  4. Far North Valley
  5. NW Albuquerque
  6. Paradise Hills
Recently, Wiener is in a huge trouble when the four Filipina prostitutes interviewed about the picture of them including Wiener in the middle. A photographer from Seattle was documenting sex tourism in the Philippines, specifically Angeles City where he took the photo and posted it on his personal blog. The four Filipina hookers have been appeared on  Adultsearch.com, a sex-based website with their photo in their hand taken with Wiener this past few months.
In the video that posted in the sex-based website, the four Filipina escorts give the version of their meeting:
  • Escort Girl –  Go shower, shower with him, play in the bathroom first.
  • Interviewer – The five of you were in the shower?
  • Escort Girl – Yes! And after that we go to the bed, of course, and have sex.
  • Interviewer – All four of you had sex with him?
  • Escort Girls – All together answered  “Yes!”
According to the four hookers, commissioner Wiener bought them drinks, and then later got down to the business.  Wiener’s lawyer calling the video indecent and characterizing the women’s claims as entire review was invented and the victim in all this is Wiener, not them. That was wiener’s side defense, but according to a Seattle photographer John Keatley that he heard Wiener make a playful comment to the hookers, “He basically said right when he got up to have his picture taken with the girls, ‘Hey don’t touch my penis… Ah hah just kidding – you can touch it.” Wiener strongly denying that he said that.
“I may have made a comment like don’t get too close to my girlfriends here, but I didn’t mention anything like that,” Wiener stated. Keatley have been talked to Wiener and he claimed that the commissioner also told him to relax and enjoy the ‘walking street.’ “He told us what a good time could be had in Angeles City if you just opened yourself up to it,” Keatley stated.
He also mentioned that Wiener seems to be familiar with the place and looks like he knows the district well. As Keatley says: “He was trying to get us to switch our hotels because this other hotel we were staying at would really cater to us having a good time. It was very wink, wink, nudge, nudge.” “He seemed surprised that we didn’t have girls yet. It was kind of like, come on- open your self up have a good time kind of thing.” The commissioner also denied that he is staying in a certain hotel in Angeles City.
Commissioner Wiener reject a request for an on-camera interview, but he told a certain news channel through the phone “it was a complete fabrication made up to ruin his reputation.” Wiener also  added that he does not “have the stamina” to do what the four escort girls claim. Adultserach.com operator, in a worldwide prostitution website registered in China, stated that he did not pay the Filipina prostitutes for that interview. He also added that it was not hard to find them because they are working in the bar seen behind them (background) in the now infamous photograph.

The operator also admit that he produced and posted the interview to drive traffic to the website. Commissioner Wiener told Investigative Reporter Gadi Schwartz that he was only there with his girlfriend while they are waiting for a flight, they are going to visit his 9 year old daughter, who lives in the island country.

Michael Wiener, faces a Republican primary opponent in June, said he hopes that politics is not behind on what’s in the photographer’s post, but Keatley stated that he never met the commissioner before March and he did not even know Wiener was officially elected until he look for him up on Facebook after their meeting on the greedy streets of Angeles City.

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