How to Get Laid in the Philippines

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Are you searching for a place in Asia to get laid 24/7? Do you know the exact places to go to find escorts, whores, strip clubs, bars and hotels? Looking for best place to monger for Asian beauties? Well the Philippines is the right spot for you. You’ll find tons of beautiful places to stay here with a lot of gorgeous girls that will make your trip unforgettable.

There are a lot of places in the Philippines to find girls and to get laid for as much as you want. Hotels are affordable and usually they are located near bars and strip clubs. Prostitution is not legal in the Philippines but finding girls on popular red light districts in the country to hook up is very easy and very cheap. Many of the girls that you will find on bars, discos, strip clubs and ktv bars came from other parts of the country and they love foreigners. You won’t have any problems in getting a girl here if you are a foreigner because they will surely approach you and even ask you to bring them on hotels.

You will definitely enjoy your trip in this country. Not just the girls are nice even the food is great. Have a taste of their “adobo” which is a very popular Filipino pork or chicken dish cooked in vinegar and soy sauce. “Sinigang” is also a delicious Filipino food that most foreigners love to order on restaurants. Filipino dish is really a mouth watering delicacies.

Here are the 2 best places that are recommended just right for you once you visit the Philippines. Getting laid 7 days a week and having sex 365 days here is not a problem.

Fields Avenue in Angeles City


It is known as the center of the sex industry and night life in the Philippines and located in Angeles City Pampanga. The place is one of the popular Red Light District in the Philippines and filled with, go go bars, pubs, strip clubs, restaurants and hotels. It is a major attraction for many and for foreigners. You will find tons of girls on the street of Fields Avenue wearing different costumes from sailor suits to tight fitting leather suits. Getting laid in fields avenue is never a dilemma since girls can be seen anywhere at any time of day or night. You can get a girl for just $15 – $20 and they will serve you well.

There are also casinos in the area where you can spend lots of your time playing and hooking up for girls. It also offers a mouth watering choice of European, Australian, North American and Asian cuisine restaurants so you don’t need to worry for your tummy. Hotels are really nice and located inside the Fields avenue so it is much easier for you to bring your new friend in the hotel. They range from $20 – $30 per night and just right for a good accommodation and a place to stay.

Here are the best places in Fields Avenue to find hookers and get laid:

  • Bed Rock
  • Blue Nile
  • Carousel Lounge
  • Club Atlantis
  • Club Camelot
  • Crystal Palace
  • Dollhouse
  • Duke of York Tavern
  • Forbidden City
  • Golden Nile
  • King Of Diamonds
  • Midnight Rodeo
  • Valhalla
  • Welcome Inn Nightclub



Boracay is not just famous for its white sand beaches but even for its beautiful ladies on seashores, bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants. This is a sure fire spot to find chicks and get laid 24/7. Hot and sexy Filipina wearing their bikinis are all over the place. You will even see a lot of foreigners visiting the island who are also hanging out to look for girls. Some of the local girls will have sex with foreigners and will not ask for money in return, they just love doing it for fun.

The nightlife in Boracay is really fun because girls will definitely hunt for foreigners and you won’t need to do a lot of effort to find a hooker. The best place to find them is on bars and near the beach. You can usually see them after 12pm or so, standing around the beach and waiting for someone to pick them up. Man! This place is a paradise for sex and hot girls.

Here are the top 3 hotels in Boracay that will provide you a high class accommodation and affordable price. These hotels are the leading hotels in the island based on reviews and comments from the customers. A nice place to bring your chick and have a wild and hot sex.

  • Dave’s Straw Hat Inn
  • Discovery Shores Boracay
  • Island Jewel Inn
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