Filipina Tan Skin and Brown Eyes

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tan filipinaLet’s be honest, the first thing that happens when you meet someone of the opposite sex is physical attraction. This is what happened to me, the first time I ever had a live chat with my darling Filipina. There were two things that struck me the most with this charming Filipina lady. The first one was her perfectly golden tanned skin. It’s not that I have something against fair-skinned girls; it’s just that I love the beauty that comes with the golden brown skin. It definitely has sexiness and character written all over it. The second physical attribute I noticed was her eyes. They were not the hazel brown eyes you could find here in the western part of the world. Her eyes were simply rich dark brown eyes that stared at me with lavishness.

Yeah, well there, these were the first things I noticed when I first laid eyes on my beautiful Filipina chat mate. Her name was Anna and she described herself to me as a typical Filipino girl who just wants to have fun. And we did, we had a good conversation along with show-and-tell moments. In fact, as a result she gave me a very “hard” time. I’ve always wanted to meet someone who would treat me like a king that I am. Anna just did that. The first online date that we had lasted for a few hours, a sign that I was enjoying her company. Normally, if a girl I date is not that interesting, I would not stay long in a date with her. But with Anna, it was different.

brown eyed filipinaAfter work or during my free time, I ended up going on an online date with her through live chatting. I really wanted to have a good time with someone who is beautiful, nice and definitely fun. I have to say, Anna made it easier for me to move on and get passed “the phase”. When I met Anna, I had just gotten a divorce. Things did not really go well with me and my ex-wife. Actually it became ugly between me and my ex-wife. Since then, I just wanted to take things lightly. This was just the exact thing that Anna gave me. There was no commitment, it was all fun with her.

With all the conversations I had with her, I asked her if all Filipinas are simply beautiful, sweet, simple and very hospitable. She said that Filipinos, most especially Filipinas are very hospitable and they are known for it. She was even proud to say that their skin color makes them uniquely beautiful. I had to agree with her in that matter. Anna is a stand-out beautiful girl that guys like me would want to see over and over. She was also adventurous compared to some of the girls I dated after my marriage ended. She was not boring. We also made each other laugh, and if there is one person I know who simply loves to smile and laugh, it is Anna. I have been having live chats with her for quite a while now and I love it. Well, guys this is what I can share with your right now, don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted. Have to go now; I’ll be with Anna in a few.

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