Fields Avenue Girly Bars Philippines

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Fields Avenue

Sin city of the Philippines is located in Balibago, Pampanga. Balibago holds on of the major topampanga fieldsurist spots in Philippines, Fields Avenue. Its a huge nightlife strip lined up with about hundred-fifty girly bars where you can pick up girls depending on the club prices. Fields holds everything from sexy young women, tons of alcohol, and clubs clubs clubs galore. There are over a hundred go-go bars with tons of sexy young women ready to meet you needs what ever they may be.

Most of the clubs are open from 12 o’clock till about 5 in the morning with some other business that stay open 24 hours. There are also areas if your not into the whole girly bar scene. Why not try going to one of the two disco clubs  in fields Sky Traxx and High Society they are the two spots on fields where all the girls in the bar and others go to drink and party. Either way fields avenue is the playground for all men young, old, obese, skinny, etc. Just as long as  you have the funds to support your lifestyle.

Girly Bar Legacy

The Base known as Clark was a US military owned from the early 90′s till about 1991. Clark Air Base was used as a military post for the Filipino and American military during World War II and toward the start of the Vietnam war. The military soldiers would often go out to these go-go bars which the Filipinos established for the men to go grab a drink and relax. The girls were initiated in the bars for special sexual needs for the lonely guys military men. The prices for the drinks and ladies were so cheap for the soldiers because they would bring dollars which were a lot more valuable than the local currency. The base was weary about this so they established their own clubs and hangouts on the base.

Around  1990 the Philippine government declined to renew the lease for the American military to inhabit the base which created a downfall in the business in Fields Avenue. After the explosion of Mt. Pinatubo the Philippine government tried to renegotiate the talks of leasing the base back to the US to help with the devastation from the volcano. The US never returned which led to the looting and abandonment of the military base. Tourists and Travelers from other countries loved the bars that were left behind and decided it would be a cheaper place to find escort girls and saw the potential of tourism in the area. This is why Fields avenue is the way it is today drenched with tourists from all over the world seeking young girls.

Bar Hopping

There are numerous fields avenue girly bars about a hundred-fifty bars all lined up side by side in the whole street with some bars on the little side roads that turn off from the road. In each bar there is a different design and theme to draw in the customers that assume the theme suits them. When you walk down the street and pass by each bar they usually  have a door girl (which is usually the most beautiful girl in the club) sitting on the outside trying to grab you or persuade you to go into the club. In each bar depending on the bar there are about 25 to 50 girls dancing on stage.

    • Once your inside the waitress will guide you to your seat or where ever you want to sit at.
    • They waitress then asks you what you would like to drink .
    • The Mamasan (caretaker or pimp) for the girls then sits next to you and asks which girl you would like to buy  a ladies drink for.
    • A ladies drink which is about 250 to 300 Philippine Piso (which is about US $7 dollars) gives you about a hour to have a young  girl sit next to you and negotiate taking her home for the night.
    • After about three ladies drinks later and a final decision is made the girl decides to go home with you and a agreement has been made.
    •  There will be another set of payments for a (EWR) or an early work release which gives you the right to take the girl home.
    • Depending on the club there are different prices for a work release.

Picking up girls Fields AVE.


Political Intervention

The US government and Hilary Clinton funded millions of dollars to the Philippine government to put a halt to human trafficking and prostitution. Mayor Alfredo S. Lim used the funds to close down and clean up Ermita. the raids which put a halt in some of the clubs  in Malate took the girls from the city and took them back to the provinces where they came from for medical attention and rehabilitation. They also tried to do so in the province of Pampanga which failed. The politicians in Pampanga took the money and pocketed it. If this was to succeed there would be mass chaos between bar owners where business would decline drastically and soon go bankrupt.

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