Cyber Sex Philippines Legal or Not?

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Defining Cyber Sex

Cyber Sex DenCyber sex is a sexually explicit activity over the internet and is a growing industry and one country were business is booming, is the Philippines. An already established sex trade, high levels of poverty, and a country which the majority of the population speaks basic English means there is a ready supply of girls to work in these so called cyber sex dens.

All internet sex is classified as pornography it is therefore illegal in the Philippines. But what most concerns the authorities is the number of girls who are trafficked into these dens and many of them  are under age.

Cyber pimps are only offering cheap services via online or on the Internet in a seedy mutation of the Country’s sunshine outsource industry in which it’s described as call center work. Also, back-office operations are done for companies in foreign countries.

Girls who leave their families are being promised a paying job as a domestic worker or as a babysitter but in the end they become being used as cyber sex chat girls in the country. These kind of operations are illegal but the NBI, National Bureau of Investigation is having a hard time in enforcing the law and  control this kind of business because:

  • The location where these working girls are living and talking in cyber sex chat rooms are difficult to find
  • Informants are the best way to find where the girls are being kept but usually the informants are the girls who have escaped

Majority of the girls who work in the cyber sex industry are under the age of 18, law enforcement officials say that the population does not fully understand how much sex trade is hurting their country. The Laws on enforcing these illegal acts are out dated so much that it makes it hard to fight against the industry.

Police Raid in Olongapo City

Raid in OlongapoOlongapo City is said to be the heart of sex tourism in the Philippines. Authorities say that girls and women acting out the sexual fantasies of online voyeurs around the world and this is increasingly booming. Cyber sex dens are now a growing problem in the whole Southeast Asian nation that has long struggled to control prostitution or child prostitution, specifically this is according to law enforcers and social workers.

In a recent police raid in Olongapo City a group of five girls aged 14-18 and three women were found performing sex acts in front of web cams for clients sitting at computers in the other countries.

One of the girls said that they work like call center agents they have shifts and they chat with foreigners overseas. They are also asked to do anything as long the clients are paying them. The girl 15 and her sister 17, told the AFP they left their provinces to work for their aunt and promised to work as babysitters but unfortunately they end up working as cyber sex workers. The elder sister said that it took about a week for them to adjust but after that they became blase about it, further adding that their aunt stayed beside them during the work to ensure the online client’s demands were met.

The aunt was arrested in the raid and has been charged with child trafficking for prostitution which carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment. Now the girls undergo counseling and rehabilitation at a local children’s center run by an Irish Catholic priest.

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