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Hi, I am Keira, and today, I am going to write about the places I’ve been to when I was in Cebu the places I’ve been to when I was in Cebu.

I went to Cebu to meet my mom; I haven’t met her in ages. The last time I remember that I was with her was when I was 7 years old.

It was second time to visit Philippines, the first time was when my co-workers went with me to Manila and had a team-building there. Manila was great! Partying all night, clubs, tourist destinations. It was all-in-all great.

I want to experience a one-of-a-kind vacation, so I went to my mom’s place.

CEBU CITY’s Short History

Long before the Spanish era, Cebu was already the business center of Southern Philippines. Cebu deals with China, Malaysia, Japan, India and Burma.

Cebuanos, people from Cebu, that time were called pintados because their bodies were heavilty tattooed. Ornaments were not only worn by women but also of men.

Ferdinand Magellan came to Cebu in 1512 but was killed by Lapu-Lapu.

Then came Manuel Lopez de Legazpi came and the transformation of Cebu into a Christian place began.

Philippine Revolution began in opposition to Spain in 1898, but previous to the fruits of independence.

The rest of Cebu’s history was then tied to proceedings in the country and the rest of the world: World War II, Japanese colonization, postwar rebuilding, Philippine self-government, then the announcement of Martial Law, and so forth.


The morning after my arrival in Cebu, I immediately asked my mom to accompany me to the places Cebu has to offer a tourist like me.

So, here are the places I visited in Cebu. Mind you, they are historical.

The Lapu-Lapu Monument

This place is the battle of the first Filipino hero, Lapu-Lapu and a foreign invader named Ferdinand Magellan fought.

The statue here shows Lapu-Lapu holding his sword and a pounder on both hands.

This monument shows how brave the Filipinos are.

Magellan’s Marker

Magellan went to Cebu for him to spread Christianity. But before he can accomplish his mission, he was killed by Lapu-Lapu.

This place stands on that momentous battle ground in Mactan Island.


Magellan’s Cross

This place is where the First Christian Filipinos were baptized, they were Rajah Humabon, his wife Queen Juana and their followers. These Filipinos were baptized by Fr. Pedro Valderama.

In 1525, the priests buit a temple for the cross, but the people started destroying the cross and getting parts of the cross because they believe that the cross performs many miraculous wonders.

So a kiosk was built to protext the cross and a replica of the cross was made to protect the real cross.

houses the National Museum that showcases the San Diego remains & Fort San Pedro diggings.

Image Of Santo Niño De Cebu

This is considred as the oldest religious historical object in the Philippines. The image of the Sto. Niño was given  by Magellan to Queen Juana as a baptismal gift.

At present, the image stands on a shrine-like structure where devotees fall in line everyday to kiss the image and pray.


By night, Cebu glows as well, my cousins dragged me to different places where Cebu’s nightlife was so alive.

Since I like partying all night, we went to different places where I can be myself and dance my heart out!

Mango Avenue

Mango Square is a region with many girly bars, pubs and clubs. Through Saturdays and Sundays, this place is ‘fully-booked’ many foreign people lovce to come to this place maybe because they can pick girls up.

Drinks would cost you far less but then again everything is affordable when you are a foreigner living in Cebu.


This place is 10 minutes away from Mango Avenue. Crossroads is an excellent option when you want to experience some Cebu nightlife. Crossroads houses popular clubs like VuDu and Maya.

I’ve been in the best places Cebu can offer. Believe me, these places are beautiful. Nothing can beat them. I have had the best vacation ever! I’ve met my mom, went to her country, met my cousins, traced my roots and visited cool places in the Philippines.

I only stayed in the Philippines for 2 weeks. And I am planning to spend Christmas in the Philippines, soon! I definitely believe that it is more fun in the Philippines!

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