Asian Transsexuals Sex Chat

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Asian trannys can really fool you. This is my story about a my encounter with Asian Transsexuals Sex Chat and it starts with my first trip to Manila, Philippines. As you know, not all things that look good are good. What I’m going to narrate to you now is the exact paradox that if a girl looks hot from behind does not mean that when she turns back she’ll be Jessica Alba.

Asian Transsexuals Sex Chat

It was my first day in the country and I was super jet-lagged from the long flight. I went to get a bite to eat and ended up have a few beers too. On my way back to the hotel I spotted the most beautiful girl just outside the hotel entrance so I decided to spark up a conversation with her. I just went up to her and said, “hello, I just got into town and I’m staying here at this hotel, if you’re not busy would you like to join me for a drink in the lounge?”.

I was just acting casual, nothing fancy, just wanted to talk to a girl from there, see what the Filipinas all about and later on actually see her naked and have wild sex with her.

I guess since she had done Asian Transsexuals Sex Chat (which I didn’t know at this point), she was super responsive and said, “oh that sounds nice but I don’t drink” so I said, “Just have a coke or juice” and she replied “I can come up to your room and suck your dick instead”. That was something totally unexpected, but hell, what would you have done in my place?

Anyway, at this point I still had no idea she was a Transsexual so I was floored! This was my first time in Asia and I was just thinking how things like this would never happen to me in the States. This girl had nice boobs with cleavage sticking out and I’m not talking about big fake ones either. Just your normal perky B-cups. But not just normal… you know, that normal that is just perfect, not too big and neither too small.
Asian tranny for live sex chat

Asian Transsexuals Sex Chat Trannys

I could have never guessed that she was holding the devil in her panties. Her voice was so feminine and she had one of the most beautiful faces I’d ever seen.

Fortunately, my friend, who has been living in the Philippines for over 4 years at the time did know something was up. As I took her by the hand and started walking toward the hotel entrance my buddy signaled me over to tell me something. I said, “what bro? your messing up my chance with this chick, what do you want?” and that’s when he said, that “chick” is an Asian Transsexuals Sex Chat girl. I went back and asked her if she was a boy and she giggled and said, “yes”.

Seems that I was “lucky” that I had my friend there. Still, that girl acted so casually and even when she told me that indeed she was a tranny, she still smiled and wanted to continue.

Even though this chick, tranny, ladyboy or whatever you want to call her, was right in front of my face and talking to me I would have never known the difference and if my friend never told me I could have gotten an awesome blowjob and would have till this day still never had to have known!

One thing is for sure: it was quite an experience to meet and talk with a tranny and “almost” get a blowjob from her. I dare you to talk with one and tell me if you see any difference than talking to a normal girl. I bet you’ll never guess which one’s which (unless you see their panties).

So If you can’t swing a trip to Asia you can at least come here and find plenty of hot Asian Transsexuals Sex Chat girls and meet them online.

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